Smart Accounting ( For NGO / INGO )

Smart Accounting ( For NGO / INGO )

Not just an accounting software your complete finance manager


Smart is a highly automated computer based Accounting and Financial Management software suitable for Non Profit Organizations. This program has been developed keeping in mind the common and essential requirements of Non Profit Organizations accounting and financial management. It handles all the accounting and financial matter of the organization. The most recent & upgradeable technology, unique and exciting features, the most user friendly entry system, easy to understand reports, strict adherence to Accounting Principles places this software miles ahead of any other software available in the market today. It has been designed and developed by a team of highly qualified computer engineers and Finance Manager having several years experience in NGOs and INGO’s and business houses . It has been developed using Visual Basic Platform as Front End and MS SQL as back end. All the forms, Entries in this software are very simple, easy to learn and are easy for entries like surfing the net. Regarding Database, since MS SQL has been used, it extends the performance, reliability, quality, and ease-of-use of SQL Server. It includes several new features that make it an excellent database platform for large-scale online transactional processing (OLTP) and data warehousing.

Special Features Available in Smart accounting:

Power of our 10 Years nationally/ Internationally experienced Programmer
The Architecture of the front end of this software will give you the feeling of surfing the web site in internet. Almost all software in the current market developed in Visual Basic has no facility to open multiple windows of the software at a time. But, Smart accounting possesses this facility too.

Processing time Depends upon many factors like computers specifications, but one of the major factor is Coding style . Most of the software in the current market is slow in processing due to weak coding style. You might have felt this if you have used the database software and generated the report having large amount of data.. Such major has been taken very carefully to make the processing time fast. There is no complaint of slow processing in Smart accounting.

It has strong data back up facility of manual as well as Auto Back up Facility and reminder for the backup. The software found in the current market can back up and restore only whole part of the data. You can not do it date wise or partially. But, analyzing the need of this facility we have implemented this facility in Smart accounting.

Real Time Windows Accounting Software & Power of Single Source Entry:

Smart accounting is the Real Time Windows Accounting Management Software. Once you enter a Journal Voucher, General Ledger and other Reports are all automatically updated right through to the Balance Sheet. There is no need to enter the data again through some other module. You can print your documents Online too.

Easy to Operate:

No training is required to operate this system and that is why our slogan is Computerized Accounting on Fly. You can enter your complete Cash Book even from a single voucher. You can modify even your adjusted vouchers online and from Reports.

High Level of Data Security and Reliability:

With Smart accounting, you can conveniently forget the troubles of Data Re-indexing, Diagnostics and Data corruption. Real time Data Security, Reliability and Swiftness are part and parcel of the Smart accounting Accounting Package. The system uses Microsoft SQL Database as back end, which is being used by most of the Banking and Other highly Advanced Softwares. With Smart accounting, you can rely on your reports without an inkling of doubt. Smart accounting has Auto Date Wise Data Backup System to recover data from any type of accident. Your Database can be password protected also.

Unlimited & Deepest Levels of Front End Security:

Each user can be assigned a personalized menu and given append, modify and delete rights on every single entry and report. Users can see only the options they are allowed to run.

User Friendly Reports:

All the reports are in Excel look and you can export your report in Word, Excel and Html format directly from Report Viewer. All the reports have been designed in such a way that you will feel as the reports were designed especially for you. Reports in Smart accounting have a unique find option, where you can search / find anything that you desire from the report. You can email the reports directly from report viewer.

Zoom-In facility to Every Entry Level:

Smart accounting lets you zoom (Drill Down) from any Report to the Source Voucher. Zooming is available from almost all important Reports e.g. General Ledger, Cash/Bank Book, Sales & Purchase Registers, Party Ledgers, Journal Book etc.

Nepali Date, and Traditional Reports:

Smart accounting has very special features for Nepali Accounting system. All the vouchers can be entered in Nepali or English date and at the same time Reports can be generated in both the dates.. Besides this, Cash Book, Day Book, Ledger, and B&S can be generated in the traditional (T) Format.

Offering Entry Log Register, Audit Trail and Auditors lock & Unlock:

Smart accounting has very powerful fraud detection system. Smart accounting maintains Entry Log register for all inputs and Audit Trail for all modifications and deletions. This System has another revolutionary feature, where you can lock a particular voucher after checking it in order to protect it from any further modification as well as deletion.

Online Data Accounting and Multi Location Data Synchronizing:

With Smart accounting all you have to do is just dial your branch office and Import the data Online. You can also view the data from your Branch office on your Head office computer. You can enable this feature by purchasing Smart accounting Server Version License and experience the freedom of the Innovative Technology of SMART ACCOUNTING- Multitech Accounting Software. of SMART ACCOUNTING- Multitech Accounting Software.

Better Compatibility:

This system is better compatible with new operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 2000 as well as the old ones such as Windows 98. Moreover, this software supports all the printers whether it is a USB or LPT port printer

User specific reports on request:

We feel that every customer has their own requirement. You may also have some special requirement. This software is ready for that. We can provide your customized requirements within a certain time limit at additional cost.

Upgrades, updates and customized supports:

At Multitech, we believe that our real work starts after selling a software. We are committed to providing all our customers with Quality, Skilled, Personalized, Swift and Time Bound local support. We are constantly engaged in the betterment and up gradation of our products and hence, you can rest assured that your accounting package will match pace to pace with the changing times.

Real Time Client Server Management:

With Smart accounting you will be assured that you are using one of the most secure Accounting Software. Unlike less-advance Accounting softwares, Smart accounting is installed in all nodes and only data is stored in Server. You do not require giving your hard drive access to any user. It protects your data from any type of mishandling. Backup can be done only from the server.

Fast Processing

Processing time Depends upon many factors like computers specifications, but one of the major factor is Coding style . Most of the software in the current market is slow in processing due to weak coding style. You might have felt this if you have used the database software and generated the report having large amount of data.. Such major has been taken very carefully to make the processing time fast. There is no complaint of slow processing in Smart accounting.

Power & Simplicity Lets empower your Accounting System

Complete Windows Accounting Management Software

  • Real time Technology The Power of Single Source Entry
  • Online Posting A Single Entry will update all the reports
  • Online Modifications, Deletions and Printing of all Vouchers
  • Easy to Use- Your Non Accounts Staff can also operate
  • Codeless Software with Short Name Option
  • Complete Day-book Entry from Single Voucher
  • User Friendly Equipped with both Keyboard and Mouse navigation
  • Zoom in (Drill Down) from almost all the Reports to Source Voucher
  • Microsoft SQL Back End for Data security & reliability
  • All reports in Excel (Spread Sheet) Format
  • Cash Book, Day Book, DS & BS in T format
  • Time Saving Copy Technology in every Entry Module
  • Calculator and Dual Calendar Option at every Point

Dynamic Features All your organizational needs

  • Complete Accounting in Nepali / English Date
  • Multiple Organization & Multi Currency System
  • Unlimited Years Accounting period defining
  • Real-time Sub-Ledger
  • Unlimited Narration space at every entry point
  • Report Export to MS-Word, MS-Excel and other formats
  • Report can be printed / exported / emailed directly from report preview
  • Find option in Report Preview
  • Supports all Printers and New Versions of Windows OS.

Flexibility The Versatility you always dreamt of

  • User Definable Multiple Numbering Scheme for All Entry modules
  • User Defined Field (UDF) for all entry modules
  • User Definable profit/ loss / Balance Sheet Group & Subgroup
  • User Definable TA Code User Definable Narration & Remarks User Definable Menu for Voucher and TA Code, Budget

Air Tight Security No more Sleepless Nights

  • MS SQL Database for high level of Data security & Reliability
  • Unlimited Level of Security Right Defining
  • User Wise Organization Rights System
  • Real Time Client Server Management
  • Auditors Lock and Unlock System for every voucher
  • Database can be Password Protected
  • Auto Backup Option to the desired Path
  • Data can be stored in External Device also (e.g : Flash Card / Pen Drive )
  • Powerful Fraud Detection System

The Reflection of all your actions

  • Cash / Bank Book – Detailed and Summary
  • Cash / Bank Checklist (Merged Reports of all Cash & Bank)
  • Cash Flow Statement – Ledger / Group Wise
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Journal Book
  • Day Book All Journal (including Auto Journal) of a day from Single Report in Normal Format / T – Format
  • General Ledger Detailed & Summary Sorting on :
    • Ledger / Group / Sub Group / Sub-ledger Wise
    • Report in Local, Foreign & Both Currency and other Criteria
  • Trial Balance
    • As on Date / Date to Date (Normal / Group Wise)
    • Group Wise with Detailed & Non-Detailed hierarchy Reports
  • Surplus/Deficit / Balance Sheet( As on / Date to Date )
    • Normal / T – Format
  • Special Report
    • Multi Organization Merged Ledger
    • Ledger / Sub Ledger Wise Special Report
    • Sub Ledger / Ledger Wise Special Report
    • Multi Organization Merged Income Statement
    • Multi Organization Merged Balance Sheet
    • Multi Organization Merged Trial Balance
    • Multi Organization Merged Receipt and Payment Report
    • Budget Variance Report
    • Fund Utilization Report
    • Fund Accountability Statement
    • Transactional Analysis (TA) Code Wise Ledger


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