Our Services

Our Services

Helping clients achieve their goal
Since 2012, major local and international companies have been our clients. We have proven our technical depth, expertise and experience in a number of industries and provided technology consulting on a number of areas. We believe that the successes of our projects is proof of the positive effect of our activities on our clients’ business.

Service Delivery Optimization
Here, we analyze our client with a view to provide quicker, safer or easier ways of transacting with their customers.

Training & Development
We assist in the development of learning paths, training manuals and even in facilitation of training sessions.

Project Management
Work with our clients and vendors to deliver projects on time, in scope, within budget and to desired quality level

Infrastructure Maintenance
Manage clients’ on-premise or cloud server with periodic backups, security monitoring and data management

Software Development
From website design, building enterprise applications upgrading software and mobile app development.

Business Process Improvement
Assist our clients with reorganizing processes. Starts with “as-is” documentation, followed by optimization

Enterprise Systems Integration
Ensures seamless communication of unrelated IT systems over a secure channel via industry standards

General IT Advisory
Other IT consultation services which do not fall into the categories mentioned e.g. Vendor Selection

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